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By Mindy Gallagher Mindy Prom is in the air and questions are abundant: Who is going with who or is it whom? While I am interested in those questions, there are two that interest me more — Will there be alcohol and will there be co-ed sleepovers? You already know how Dad and I feel about alcohol. But what about co-ed sleepovers? I know many parents who feel co-ed sleepovers are okay. Simply put, Dad and I do not approve of co-ed sleepovers.

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It’ important to consider the pros and cons specific to teenagers when making up your mind about this controversial question. High School Uniform Pros High schools require students to wear uniforms for many good reasons. Here are some of the advantages. Displays School Pride Wearing uniforms can be a great way for high schoolers to show pride for their institutions. Schools often want their students to proudly wear attire with the school’s symbol embroidered somewhere on the outfit.

The Cons of Giving a Mobile Phone to a Teenager Huge bills. The main reason why parents balk at handing over a mobile phone to a teenager is that they fear being the .

February 8, Code-Dependent: Pros and Cons of the Algorithm Age Algorithms are aimed at optimizing everything. They can save lives, make things easier and conquer chaos. Recipes are algorithms, as are math equations. Computer code is algorithmic. The internet runs on algorithms and all online searching is accomplished through them. Email knows where to go thanks to algorithms. Smartphone apps are nothing but algorithms. Computer and video games are algorithmic storytelling.

Online dating and book-recommendation and travel websites would not function without algorithms. GPS mapping systems get people from point A to point B via algorithms. Artificial intelligence AI is naught but algorithms. The material people see on social media is brought to them by algorithms. In fact, everything people see and do on the web is a product of algorithms.

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Send Email Cancel Have you ever been in a serious relationship? Well, if so, you should know there are many pros and cons of having a serious relationship. One pro is that you have somebody that loves and cares for you. Just like laughing more can increase it as well. However, constant arguing is not good for your mental health. The stress of an argument can make it hard for you to sleep, and can even cause depression.

Cons And Pros Relationships: School High school high with along come that things of lot a are there school high in dad their dating started I kids my tell day. Ences experi- best the are school high in relationships the think “I romance, love Teens books Sparks’ Nicholas of popularity the at .

By Michele Meleen M. Ed Whether joining the high school debate team or talking about topical discussions in class, debating is a wonderful way to shore up speaking skills and build confidence. Debating helps you learn about yourself, think on your feet, and how to take a stand on issues. To prepare for a debate, consider some of these issues and questions to help formulate a solid argument. Social Debate Topics The Welfare System Should there be time limits on welfare benefits and should welfare recipients be required to take drug tests?

Many states are examining ways to update and modify the traditional welfare system. Are these changes helpful or harmful? Are there other ways society can help each other? Abortion Should abortion be legal? Is late-term abortion ever an acceptable choice? These questions form the bulk of the debate over abortion. When forming an argument based on these questions, you must consider abortion in cases of rape and whether teenagers should be able to get an abortion without their parents being notified.

Arguments could also explore the definition of abortion and the rights of both mothers and fathers.

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I can say with a great amount of experience that this is not exactly the brightest dating scene, even with the stigmas surrounding trans people starting to fade. This complicates the dating scene for trans people much, much more than for cis people. Confidence is something that people look for in a potential partner. In this, being trans has an advantage.

Pros and Cons of Online Education. Mar 17, Online education can be a great way to earn college credits on your own schedule, but it’s not for everyone.

Posted on September 25, Leave a comment There are many assumptions people make about exchange students and the lives they lead, and these conjectures are made by those who have never been on a long-term exchange, those who have never met an exchange student, or those who have met an exchange student but thought they were snotty and conceited. Here is a list of pros and cons to being an exchange student that I hope will a inspire you to become an exchange student and b gain a better understanding to the difficulties of exchange life.

Yes, even the French thought it was cool that I was American. Either that or they would make back-handed and sometimes blunt insults about my country, but hey, you gotta roll with it. Only all of the time. Horror stories to come in later posts none are mine thankfully! For example, my French host sister went to Indonesia a predominantly Muslim country the same time I was in France, and she had to go to a religion course in which the teacher taught the students that women were lesser beings than men.

No drinking, no driving, no drugs, and no dating. You know that Brazilian student who seemed to be glaring at you in class? She was probably just missing her dog back at home. You should never make assumptions about how difficult something is until you experience it, and the first two months of my exchange year make up probably one of the most challenging parts of my life. But luckily, the pros always outweighed the cons for me.

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Send Email Cancel When teens come to high school they meet other students and they start to mature as they age. Another plus of a high school relationship is becoming more mature when it comes to dating in general. You can learn about your partner, and have the fun experience of dating.

Cons of dating in high school * It wastes time * It also wastes money * The guy/girl is all you think about and will ultimately influence your grades * Teens are not adults i.e they do not think long term.

Some drug dealers are stingy. If you are gonna go for a d-boy. Make sure he ain’t stingy. Another pro is some may have links for different things like phones, appliances, etc just cuz of the work they do. If you really care for him you get scared of him getting shot. My ex was grazed by a bullet in a set up drive by shooting.

Men generally have it worst for women when it comes to being out in public. Another con is depending on what you know about his lifestlye you may get nabbed for association. Another big con is a lot of these so called “dealers” are terrible with money. They know they’ll make it back or expect so they spend big and go broke lol smh. Make sure he has money put to the side to reup, money to the side for legal issues and money to the side for rent and bills and also savings.

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Posted by Jed Belaguas on Feb 6, in Med School Most people are under the notion that choosing to opt for a medical profession is more of a social suicide. However, it certainly has a set of its own avails that await you in the future. One of the reasons that people tend to opt for fields other than medical is because this particular line of work has the tendency of taking over your personal, social, as well as your love life.

With the never-ending work and studies, finding the right partner can be quite troublesome for many.

In inter-Greek dating, it is likely that both partners have great leadership skills, want to contribute to the community, have high life goals and, of course, enjoy the party scene. There also are many opportunities to hang out as couple, whether it’s at Greek events, socials or formals.

If you ask people this question, they often have strong beliefs, one way or the other. Religious views aside, what can relationship science tell us about the pros and cons of pre-marital cohabitation? How Common is Cohabitation? Today, most heterosexual couples live together before marriage. This number is up from 34 percent in In addition to frequency, the average cohabitation duration has increased.

These days, the typical length of cohabitation has grown from 13 months in to an average of 22 months. Tracking cohabitating couples revealed that three years out, 32 percent were still cohabiting, 40 percent had transitioned to marriage, and 27 percent had dissolved Copen et al. Relationship Outcomes Concerns about pre-marital cohabitation may be legit. Substantial evidence associates cohabitation with negative relationship outcomes.

These findings are concerning for couples considering pre-marital cohabitation, but a closer look shows a much more complicated picture. Why Do People Cohabitate before Marriage? First, why do people cohabitate? Turns out, unmarried couples have very different motivations for living together.

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Parents choose home schooling for a variety of reasons, some of which include: In this article, we will consider four areas and look at the pros and cons in each. First, we will address the benefits of homeschooling. Next, we will look at some cautions and considerations you should know if you plan to homeschool.

Should You Date in High School? (Pros and Cons) Dating a lawyer pros and cons. Doramar 1 Comments. The dry cleaning bill will make you weep. Because they are so used to people who tell hundreds of lies, lawyers are able to sniff a lie from a mile, so there is no point in trying to hide something from them. Dating a lawyer pros.

Not the medical insurance offered or accrued vacation days, but the sheer amount of gorgeous girls I worked with. This company was 90 percent women and they were without a doubt hired for their looks and not their actual skill. Being a year-old male with no scruples and a talent for ill-advised hookups, I of course took full advantage of my work situation, HR be damned.

About six months into me working there, I walked into the office and immediately noticed that there was a new Medical Assistant who had just started. I, being a gentleman and a good coworker, immediately introduced myself and ended up inviting her out to grab a drink with me after work. We hit it off over some whiskey sours, and soon enough found ourselves back in my bed, laughing about what a bad idea this was.

Total elapsed time between her starting her first day of work sleeping with me: As we were getting ready the next morning, I grabbed what I thought was my phone to check the time. But upon seeing the background, immediately turned to her.

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The number of to year-olds digitally dating has almost tripled from 10 percent in to about 30 percent today, according to recent data from the Pew Research Center—no surprise, considering there are now dozens of dating apps to choose from. Plenty of people are still meeting each other the old-fashioned way in person , but online options can make the dating pool feel a little broader and may be beneficial for those who are on the introverted side.

Just like anything else, though, online dating has its pros and cons. At its best, online dating puts an endless supply of potential partners and friends right in the palm of your hand. The cons All that choice can be overwhelming, caution the experts.

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There are two kinds of kids in high school: I view my persona in high school sort of like a young bird in a strange nest. Growing up in deep countryside, I had one kid who lived close, but he only commuted out from New York City on Friday nights. Worse, where I lived there was zero blacktop, zero anything close to level ground, so learning how to dribble a basketball was a bit of a challenge. I did, however, manage to accumulate a small but weird group of kids who were in a similar predicament.

Mostly, I concentrated on two things: At the time, hanging out on a Friday night with guys never, ever, ever measured-up against asking a girl out.


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